Lessons from an Owl

If you listened to our first podcast, I talked about owls and how they keep showing up for me. A friend of mine has animal spirit cards she has pulled for me a few times in the past year. The owl card is always one of them.

Every. Single. Time.

Her card deck declares, “When the Owl card appears it’s an omen that a boon or treasure is on the way, either in spiritual or material form. With Owl wisdom on your side, you’ll ‘see’ and ‘know’ exactly what to do with this boon…how it can further serve your dharma and bring abundance to the world. Trust that the wellspring of treasures is infinite.”

She told me to be aware of any and all owls appearing in my life. It started with a bag. I noticed I bought a cloth grocery bag with owls on it. Then, my neighbour brought over a plant in an owl container. I’d see pictures of owls, or they’d appear on TV shows. It seemed, weekly, an owl appeared to remind me that I’m on the verge of something.

A few months ago, my neighbour called to say there was an owl sitting on a peak of my house. I looked out a bedroom window, and there it was – a great horned owl. I simply watched it…or rather, stared at it. Have you ever stared at an owl? How do their eyes not dry out?

In the second podcast, Vanessa and I talked about being open for signs. Well, this live owl, sitting on the roof of my house, was definitely a sign. While I sat and stared at it, it was staring at me. I opened myself up to it.

“What are you here to teach me?”, I whispered, and then sat silently.

The owl had much to say. The following thoughts – no joke – came to mind in the hour we spent looking at each other.

  • It’s painful, but it’s right
  • Do this for you, no one else
  • I’m here for you. You need me. You are supported.
  • This is going to hurt, but it’s going to lead you to greatness.
  • Find joy – experience it, bring it
  • Joy brings peace
  • Wealth is coming (and I didn’t sense it meant monetary wealth)
  • Scratch your itches, see where it takes you
  • Ruffled feathers realign
  • Make time for, and look after, yourself
  • Stretch where you need
  • Slow down
  • Get ready to fly

It was a profound experience. I mean, seriously, who sits and stares at an owl? At the time, my husband and I had already decided to separate, yet live as roommates. I had no idea I was weeks away from losing my job, let alone job searching during a global pandemic when so many people were already out of work.

That owl was speaking directly to me at a time I needed to hear its message.

Wealth did come financially and spiritually. Through my network, a job found me. What was initially to be a contract position, turned into a permanent, full-time role before I even started. I took some of my severance package and garnered the courage to buy some stocks. So far, I’ve done well (my partner refers to me as his personal Warren Buffet). I found joy in spending more time with my dad, son, and dogs. I continue to find peace in taking the time to examine my life, appreciating where I’ve been and focusing on the “now” and what makes me happy. My ruffled feathers are realigning.

I’ve scratched some itches. I’ve always had the urge to paint. A weekend getaway with Vanessa and other friends for a painting weekend got me started. I’ve never done watercolours. I still don’t (I’m more musical than visually artistic), but I’m having a heck of a lot of fun learning, trying, and simply playing with the water and paint.

I’m still working on slowing down. Being a “Type A” personality, I’m very driven. I like to be working; having something to “do”. I’m realizing that spending time thinking, examining, finding what truly brings me joy is “doing”.

I’m still not sure what “boon” is coming my way. I don’t think it’s here yet. I still feel as though I’m on the verge of something. Hopefully, slowing down and creating space will invite it into my life.

Obligations, Traditions, and Making Space For Joy

Hello 2021 from Sharon and Vanessa! We are welcoming in the new year with our second official podcast!

Balancing obligations, traditions with space and joy. Hang on it’s a bumpy ride to navigate.
Leaving lots of space for 2021…

The Essence Of Salt

The ying and yang of salt

I have always struggled with my relationship with my dad. He was a character. Lived life on his terms no matter what or how it affected others. In some ways I envied him and his ability to put himself first. In some ways I pitied him because when you only put yourself first soon others stop including you in their lives at all. My dad wanted to be free. He married an unwed mother(my mom) in a time when I am sure everyone around him thought he was crazy to do so. They went on to have 6 more kids. With 9 people living in a small space, privacy and freedom was at a premium. He was resourceful so he found ways to access and enjoy both of these things. After 45 years of marriage, on my mothers birthday no less, he announced that he wanted a divorce. Loaded up his station wagon and drove away without looking back.

Ah, if only that was the end of the story.

Salt has interesting properties don’t you think? If you explore the makeup of anything on this planet it contains some degree of salt. We can’t exist without it. I have always been curious about Ying and Yang, opposites that attract, cravings for things that aren’t good for you. I often wonder if it’s because of my dad and me trying to come to terms with who he was and my relationship with him. He loved salt. He would add it to almost everything. In his later years, when he was stuck in the hospital with high blood pressure and heart problems he would holler loudly when they took it away from him. My sister and I would sneak in packets of it when no one was looking and he would store them in his table drawer by his bed. He was 89 years old and stuck in his ways, the doctors meant well but didn’t know this man and his love affair with salt.

Salt wasn’t good for him but he didn’t care nor did he want to live without it. He was discharged from his stay and went on to live for a few more months after that. He was a hard man to be around if you had history with him. Yet, he was a fascinating dinner partner or guest if you didn’t know him very well. He was well read and knew a lot of facts about many things to keep the conversation going. A simple operation would have fixed his heart problems if he so chose but he was terrified of going under the knife. His dad had died in an assisted living ward when he underwent a hip replacement surgery. He associated his death with being operated on which wasn’t true but there was no persuading him otherwise. His love affair with salt was the same. It didn’t hurt him he insisted. His heart trouble, blood pressure were all misdiagnosis. He only took the pills because everyone made him…lol. He ate the salt when you turned your back and continued to live as he wanted.

The night he died a few close family were in the room with him. He had mentally checked out earlier in the afternoon in the emergency room but in true dad fashion his heart refused to stop beating. It would choose when to go and prove that the doctors wrong. Salt had not killed his heart. His heart was strong and lasted well into the night.

We chose to have him cremated. Some of his ashes were buried with his brother, some scattered over the prairies where he worked as a lineman for an electric company, some I kept to take to his 3rd wife in California and more we still have awaiting a trip back East to bury with his mom and dad.

The trip to California was something unexpected. I met with his new family that had taken him in and genuining seemed to love him. He had spoke often of the ocean, the beach and the sun. We chose a pier that was close by where I could sprinkle a bit of his ashes to honor where he had been happy.

I was standing on the pier, close to a corner that faced the beach and that had some shelter under a structure. I was looking down into the waves crashing against the logs. The water was almost black in the shadows, swirling up the beach then out again into the ocean. I tipped the container slowly downward and watch the wind catch the contents in a white cloud as it descended. Time stopped just for a few seconds.. the dust drifted aiming for the surface of the waves. The alchemy of the salt water and the porous material was fascinating to watch as they mixed together. The remains landed as a membrane on the black water. Spreading out like a serpent that kept stretching out vertically at first then undulating further and further to form a channel of cloudy white. I watched as my dad seemed to sigh and soak up the salt as if he was regenerating. It might have been my imagination but I thought I saw bubbles popping like epsom salts in a tub. I looked around nervously in hopes no one else was watching my dad reclaim his fill of salt. A white milky image took shape about 6 foot 4 in the water just for seconds before a big wave came crashing down to claim the ghost in the undertow.

Good for you dad I chuckled. I was happy he had found a way to stay true to himself even then. To reclaim a part of himself that he couldn’t let go of no matter what others thought or did.

We are made from this substance, it keeps us alive but also it can kill us if we indulge too much.

Such is the true essence of salt.

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