A Study in Contrasts

I read Vanessa’s latest blog while having lunch and chuckled to myself. Much of her writing is about her experiences with dream yoga, the ashram, life reflections, shamanism…all very peaceful. I feel relaxed when reading her posts.

Then there’s me. I write about new homes, new relationship, new jobs, CrossFit, and boxing. Much more…ummmm, what’s the word…turbulent?

One of the reasons we started this blog is to show how two women, 3 years apart in age, can be at two very different points midlife. The one thing I’ve learned in the three years we’ve been doing this – there is no “normal”. The more we write and share our experiences, the more we learn about others and what they’re going through.

It’s our differences that keep our friendship interesting. It’s discovering our commonalities that help it grow.

One thought on “A Study in Contrasts”

  1. Opposites make friendships more interesting. We do come from the same similar beginnings. Career oriented, independent women.

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