Vanessa Knecht

Stay curious…

Labels are an interesting thing and some stick whether you want them to or not. I own a few-Mom, wife, sibling, shaman enthusiast, traveler, banker, instructional designer and so on….

I am a curious sort and have been known to say “why not?” on occasion. Why not jump off the bridge? Why not hang upside down on the zip line and figure out at the end how to avoid the pole? Why not go into banking when you are more of a free spirit artsy kind of chick? It’s best to have a back up plan right? Get married at 20 what the heck, you can figure life out together right?

Here I am again with my friend Sharon saying “why not start a blog and podcast series?” It will be fun I promise…lol.

Sharon Papish

I wonder…

I’m a curious person. “I wonder if…”, “What do you think about…”, “Do you believe…” are questions I often ask. Life is so much richer when I ask questions and seek answers. I never know where my queries will take me.

Through my journeys, I’ve become a mom, sister, ex-wife (more than once!), girlfriend (what silly term at this age…I think I might go with “partner”), friend, dog-mom, and traveller. I know former students have called me other names, but they aren’t anything I care to put into print.

One of my latest “wonderings” came through a discussion with my friend, Vanessa – “I wonder if people would be interested in reading and learning through our experiences?”

We decided to find out.

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