And So It Begins

Newly minted Recreation Pass in hand, I went to the website to sign up for the classes I want to take this coming week. There are three leisure centers relatively close to me. In all three centers, the Deep Water Workouts are already fully booked for the next week.

Lesson learned. Sign up for those early. It seems we can only book a week in advance, so you can bet I’ll be on the website looking to sign up for the days I want to go the following week.

I love the water – being in it, near it, listening to it…it stills my soul. I’m by no means a strong swimmer as I never figured out how to breathe properly and thus end up light-headed when I try to swim laps. I’m OK with that. I can happily tread water as long as I want.

So, to keep myself accountable, I’ve signed up for Aqua Fitness on Monday, Strength and Restore on Tuesday, Aqua Fitness on Wednesday, Total Body Workout on Thursday and Pure Cycle (which I’m assuming is a spin class), on Saturday. I’ll report back on each of these classes after I take them.

I’m going to give each of the classes offered a try – even those designed for 50+. I don’t think I’m ready for those quite yet. After all, I was an avid crossfitter for 4 years and then took up boxing for the past 6 months. However, the injury to my knee might be telling me it’s time to slow down, though my mind refuses to believe it.

I like that classes are offered at various times of day. Now that I’m freelance, I can fit exercise into my work day. Once it’s in my calendar, it’s sacred time. One thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years is to make time for me and keep it. My health and wellness, both mental and physical, are important and cannot get depleted.

Now, it’s time to go find a swimsuit so I’m ready for that Aqua Fitness class tomorrow.

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