This Is Home, Where I Belong

What makes a house a home? Listen in to get our version of being comfortable in your space.

Sharon is moved into her new home, Selena has purchased her first home less than a couple of years ago and me? I have been in my current home for over 35 years. What makes a space feel like home? As always our chats are unfiltered, genuine and can get a bit off topic so grab your favorite beverage or plan your walk and let’s dive in.

Making our space feel like home

What We Learned From Not Giving A F*&^

Warning, this isn’t an episode to play around your kids as we do use the F word.

On this episode we dig into Sarah Knights’ book “The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck”. We get real about what matters and have a very open conversation about Time, Energy and Money.

The Ace of Space Podcast With Luna Terra Soul

We have been talking about clearing space now it’s time to start to think about what we want to do with the space?
To help us add clarity we invited Selena from Luna Terra Soul to join us for a Sunday evening chat and personal card reading. Listen to our next podcast to hear what the cards had to tell us…

Check out Selena’s site and offerings @lunaterrasoul

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Making Spaces- Podcast # 3

Want to get rid of stuff but are struggling to decide how to get started? What happens when you cancel out all of the outside noise and go silent for 3 days? Discover what’s inside the darkest corners of our homes. We chat about how we have been spending our time post layoffs. The process of letting go of clutter and the rewards that come from keeping the space open for visits without permanent residency. As always, we are frank and unfiltered so be prepared to join us in good natured banter and genuine conversation.

Cheers from Sharon and Vanessa

Obligations, Traditions, and Making Space For Joy

Hello 2021 from Sharon and Vanessa! We are welcoming in the new year with our second official podcast!

Balancing obligations, traditions with space and joy. Hang on it’s a bumpy ride to navigate.
Leaving lots of space for 2021…

Grey Haired Ladies Taking Over The World

Women grow radically with age. One day, a bunch of grey haired women will take over the world. Until that time, listen into our chat about some ways we can start.

Two grey haired ladies plotting to take over the world