Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Hatha Yoga Hidden Language

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I felt drawn to practice the Eagle Pose today. The twisting into a perch that requires the body to lower into a center of gravity while you maintain a balance on one firmly planted foot. Right arm over the left weaving around each other to flare at the elbows like winged hinges. Hands come together in prayer pose. I sometimes flex the fingers out like rutter feathers before deepening into the stance. Right leg over the left with a move into a controlled sense of balance and centering. I feel my ribs expand with air as my back spreads out like giant wings.

Ah, it feels good to wring out the tension as the body gives and stretches. Shift the movements to the opposite leg and arm to now cross over from left to right and sink once again into contemplation.

Of what you may ask are you contemplating in such a precarious contortion?

“Eagles are symbolic for sharp sight, for penetrating vision. If you can see through yourself, how you lay your own traps, you can avoid them” (Swami Sivanada Radha)

We all have to come down from our flight or fancies at some point. Return to reality so to speak. Once we do what are we sensing about ourselves? How do we avoid our own self induced impedments?

I have been a witness to my behaviour lately that I am not to keen on. I have alot of pent negative charged energy. I am antsy, even a bit resentful of anyone or anything that tries to keep me tetethered to the ground. Maybe it has to do with the change in weather from sun filled to winter snow. I know I have to stop watching the COVID news and find a sensible balance of wanting to know and understand what is happening to this planet and the humans that dwell on it. At what point does all this information become a hinderance instead of a means to enlightened?

The eagle is a known symbol of strength, power, agressiveness. A desire to control the surroundings in which we find ourselves while keeping a birds-eye view outwardly and inward.

While in the pose, I am contemplating the error of my ways. What can I do differently to improve my postitivity and well being? Not everything is dire, there is many things to be thankful for. One has to experience sorrow to understand joy. One has to grieve loss to bask in adundance. Finding the “sweet spot” where there is confidence in the perch as you survey the potential. A bit of respite that is welcomed while I wait for the sun to come out again.



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