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In The Driver’s Seat For 2022

We find ourselves saying “goodbye” to 2021. We welcome new tenants, we move out and on to a life full of abundance, change and excitement for the potential of what is to come in 2022. One thing we know for sure, is it’s time to find the keys to our prison doors instead of digging tunnels with tiny spoons. We are striving and thriving as we turn to our inner GPS instead of relying on others to tell us “where to go”. Come along for the ride and find out whether we go hide in the woods or look for tropical huts to call home. Buckle up because 2022 promises to have some bumpy rides still ahead.

Looking back in the rearview mirror of 2021 while navigating with abundance in 2022

Finding Synchronicity

Some of the best experiences in our lives come from those moments when we are curious about what happens when we don’t plan. We put out there in the world that we are searching for something and then step back and let it happen. I am a firm believer in the activation of an initial step in a random direction to get thing started. What happens next is up to the universe. In this podcast, Sharon and I talk about our journeys when seemingly unrelated incidents start to connect. They become something better than expected. More than anything we could have planned for and leads us to a new understanding of ourselves and the world we our immersed in.

Curiousity to just let it happen…

Understanding Self Healing

What does it mean to find the awareness within to change yourself and your life? We been around for almost a year. Gained some insights and did a whole lot of soul searching and selfdiscovery. What have we learned?

Falling Into The Year In Review

It’s been a year since Sharon and I were laid off from our corporate jobs. What happened next? What have we learned, filled our space with? What are we mournin and what are we celebrating? Selena has joined us and cast a different perspective on the year from a vantage point of staying in one place yet moving in a varied direction. Come and join us for a toast and stay for some reflections and our key learnings.

https://open.spotify.com/episode/74CW2nqtBSyh4on5d2V0zX?si=u0KJ7XiiTuGBE00LS9sXig&dl_branch=1width=”100%&#8221; height=”232″ frameBorder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”” allow=”autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; fullscreen; picture-in-picture”></iframe>

Adventures in Self Care

We are all coming out of a COVID fog. What is the new normal? How do you get going again after almost two years of staying stationary? Come along for the ride as we chat about our summer, coping with being overwhelmed with how to move on after so many months of standing still.

Adventures in Terminology-Part 2

Join us as we explore the topic of gender and the terminology used to describe it from the perspective of two mid-life heteral sexual women and one Gen-Z.

Adventures in Terminology – Part 1

Join us as we explore the terminology related to sexuality. Two mid-fifties women gain wisdom from our mid-twenties friend.

Dreams That Fit Your Current Space

Let’s sink into Savansana and surrender to our dreams…https://anchor.fm/vanessa-knecht3/episodes/Dreams-That-Fit-Your-Current-Space-e11730n

This month we are immersing ourselves in dreams. A bit of reminising about past dreams, a pause to “try on those jeans” and see if they still fit. What dreams do we want for the near future and what illusions can we now let go of.

This Is Home, Where I Belong

What makes a house a home? Listen in to get our version of being comfortable in your space. Sharon is moved into her new home, Selena has purchased her first home less than a couple of years ago and me? I have been in my current home for over 35 years. What makes a space …

Reflections from the Ashram

Vanessa finds a strong wifi connection and we get a chance to chat with her about her experience at the Yasodhara Ashram before she returns home. Her realizations and learnings give us much food for thought. Do you agree?

Connection and Art

Sharon and Selena close out February’s “connection” theme with a discussion about connection and art. Sharon is starting to learn how to watercolour while Selena has studied art at college. Find out what each has learned about connection through art.

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