I Hit a Boy and I Liked It

Me after 30 minutes of a bag workout

I’ve been looking for a new fitness program since my Crossfit gym closed during Covid. For awhile, I joined Anytime Fitness – mostly because it’s a 10 minute walk from my condo. I went regularly, but it didn’t feel right. I missed the sense of community we had at Crossfit.

I looked into other Crossfit gyms. I won’t go to the one in town for my own reasons, and the next nearest one is a 40 minute drive into the city. It didn’t make sense to me to spend 80 minutes driving for a 60 minute workout. That’s too much time out of my day.

So, I asked around and found Olympus Boxing Club. When I joined, I said to the owner, “I want the workout, but I don’t want to hit or be hit.” I truly don’t understand the psychology behind what makes people want to let someone else pound on them. Our club sponsored an amateur match and there were times I couldn’t watch. Why do people WANT to do this??

I go to two different types of classes. Recreational boxing teaches us the punches, offensive and defensive moves, and has us work with a partner. I like my partner because we focus more on technique rather than pounding the crap out of each other. We’re also likely the only two adult women in the group. Most of the class is teenagers or men.

The other class is a bag fitness class where we are given different sequences of hits to perform on the bag. This is my favourite as it gives one heck of a workout (my partner and I tend to talk a lot during rec boxing! LOL!).

One afternoon, there were only three of us in the rec class. The other people were a father/son pair. When it came time for partner work, the 16-year-old coach said he’d partner with me. Now, this young man is an amateur boxer. I’ve seen his brother, a professional boxer, spar with him and I know he can take a punch….several, in fact.

It’s just not in me to hit someone. Until I did.

I started off just aiming for the pads. “Harder”, he’d tell me. “Punch it!” Now, I know there’s no way – even with my hardest punch – that I could truly hurt him after seeing how he trains with others. But still…I was raised being told not to hit people.

Still, he kept encouraging me. Instead of doing the sequence, he’d call out the punches he wanted me to perform. He moved around the room like he was in the ring, forcing me to do the same. After a few rounds, it really felt like I was truly boxing.

Then he put on the body protection. “I want you to take body shots now” (until then, I was aiming for the pads on his hands). Again, it was a learning curve. It was bad enough hitting his padded hands; now he wanted me to hit his padded body? It felt so WRONG. Still, he encouraged me. Over time, my punches got harder. I put in more effort. I wasn’t as afraid of hurting him.

So, yeah. I hit a boy.

And I liked it.

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