Let Me Do It!

On the topic of “Trying new things…”

I agree with Sharon, it’s time to try a few new things. Spring is right around the corner which always makes me think of new growth.

When I bought my campervan I had a vision of doing most of the work myself. Then I got the van home. Parked it at my moms house and started to hear the opinions of what I should do with it. My husband thought I should drive it off  a cliff, some thought I should keep it simple. Slap a coat of paint on the inside and call it a day.Others, me included, thought a complete gut job was the only thing to do.

I am in year 3 with the van. The timing of trying to do a major renovation could not have been worse. High lumber prices, gas prices, shortage of parts and knowing how to work through the issues that a 1978 year old beast has gathered along its journey. 

I sat in the driver’s seat the other day and looked around inside. I now have it parked outside my home.

You know when you have a vision of what something should look like? It’s close now inside except for a few areas that I settled for the time being just to get driving it.

I realized that there are parts of the operation of the van that I don’t know how to operate because I let others do the work and really didn’t understand how it functioned.

I am ready to try new things which include a thorough understanding of how to manage the inner workings of this house of wheels.

If I could, I know I would spend all my time working on it. I have something to prove to myself. All the years listening to the men in my life tell me that I should leave the mechanics, the woodworking and building things to them. I have had many things “mansplain” to me. I do value the advice, I am not an idiot….lol.

How do you get better at anything if you don’t try? There has to be an acceptance that not everything will turn out perfect. I am married to a guy who looks for imperfections for a living. Sometimes I accept his feedback and let him fix my less than top quality attempts.

What I have noticed lately though, is that as we get older he is getting likely to comment on something I know is just a little crooked.

I have decided to make 3 boxes with cushions on top. They will act as a sitting area in the van. If I can get them to look decent I will try more. Being me, they need to have decorative trim.

Here’s to trying new things and learning that the only thing in your way is you. So move aside “you” I am armed with glue, a saw and an assortment of trim and tools.

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