My Happy Place

Daylight Saving Time started today, one of the first harbingers of spring. Even before today, the days were getting noticeably longer and the temperatures warmer. I saw gophers on the golf course yesterday (I drove by, I don’t golf) – always the first sign of spring for me. All I need to “bring it home” is to see a robin.

I live in a place that has cold, dark winters for up to 7 months a year. To combat this, I take yearly tropical vacations – usually to Hawai’i – every February. That way, when I return home, winter is mostly behind me.

It was great to be back on Maui after being away for three years. There is *something* about those islands that speaks to me. I can spend hours watching the waves and listening to them crash on the shore. It’s almost hypnotic…meditative.

I also choose February because it’s when the humpback whales are there. The whales, the turtles, the waves – its bliss.

The trip was extra special this time because it was Martin’s first trip to Hawai’i. I loved seeing it through the eyes of someone who hasn’t experienced it. I also loved spending time there with someone who connects with nature. I find Hawai’i to be very spiritual, and to have someone to share that with made it even more so.

I found it interesting to get a text from Vanessa while I was in my happy place, to learn she was going to hers. We both find peace and personal growth in areas filled with natural beauty next to water. We come home rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

It’s important to have places that give us space and time. Some might find that in the busyness of a city. Others may find it climbing mountains or hang gliding. We all need a happy place – a place where our spirits sing.

Where is yours?

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