Adventures in Terminology – Part 1

Join us as we explore the terminology related to sexuality. Two mid-fifties women gain wisdom from our mid-twenties friend…https://anchor.fm/vanessa-knecht3/episodes/Adventures-in-Terminology—Part-1-e133lmn

Dreams That Fit Your Current Space

Let’s sink into Savansana and surrender to our dreams…https://anchor.fm/vanessa-knecht3/episodes/Dreams-That-Fit-Your-Current-Space-e11730n

This month we are immersing ourselves in dreams. A bit of reminising about past dreams, a pause to “try on those jeans” and see if they still fit. What dreams do we want for the near future and what illusions can we now let go of.

This Is Home, Where I Belong

What makes a house a home? Listen in to get our version of being comfortable in your space. Sharon is moved into her new home, Selena has purchased her first home less than a couple of years ago and me? I have been in my current home for over 35 years. What makes a space …

Reflections from the Ashram

Vanessa finds a strong wifi connection and we get a chance to chat with her about her experience at the Yasodhara Ashram before she returns home. Her realizations and learnings give us much food for thought. Do you agree?

Connection and Art

Sharon and Selena close out February’s “connection” theme with a discussion about connection and art. Sharon is starting to learn how to watercolour while Selena has studied art at college. Find out what each has learned about connection through art.

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