Strength and Restore

I tried a new class last night – strength and restore. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Strength training, for sure, and maybe some yoga?

There were 14 people of all ages and genders in the class. Later, I learned that’s 12 more than usually show up. No wonder the instructor was so excited.

It was a good class. We used steps, dumbbells, and mats to do various exercises to strengthen our muscles. All are exercises anyone could at home with minimal equipment. After intense sets of exercise we had periods of active recovery. No yoga – that’s OK.

The instructor was a tiny woman with a big voice. She’d be merrily chattering along giving instructions, when she’d suddenly shout “HALF”, “NO QUITTING” or some other point she wanted to emphasize. I got a kick out of her.

I was concerned about how my leg and shoulder would feel today. I’ve been having some issues with them. They feel great. I’m thinking this might be the class that slows me down and helps me strengthen my weaker areas. I’m looking at this class as a version of physiotherapy (I see one regularly so I know what I need to be working on and how to do it safely). I can take it twice a week and fill in the other days with water workouts, spin classes, or the weight room.

I’ll be boxing again next winter. 🙂

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