The past two months, I’ve been running a book club at work. We read the book “When” by Daniel Pink. The last two chapters talked about the importance of synchronicity – synching to our leader, our tribe, and our heart. Earlier this week we discussed what this meant as a learning and development team.

Also this past week, I started reading “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” by Julia Cameron. The introduction to the book also talked about synchronicity, “We change, and the universe furthers and expands that change.

“Synchronicity” is not a word that occurs in day to day life, yet I experienced twice within two days. Wikipedia defines synchronicity “as attempt to come up with an explanation for the occurrence of highly improbable coincidences between events where there is no causal link.”

Ummmmm, yeah, that just happened…in two entirely different aspects of my life. What was the explanation?

I felt called to my Animal Spirit cards. Our friend, Selena (of LunaTerraSol), has been using these cards with me for the past two years. I’ve bought my own deck and pull a card whenever I feel called. This time, I got the Black Egg. It’s the first time it’s ever appeared for me. Here’s a bit about what it has to say.

“The Black Egg contains one of life’s essential treasures – the truth. Inside of it resides no confusion, excuses, small talk, noise or lies (not even white ones). This living and breathing vessels harbours that which rings true. When this essence is in balance we speak slowly and clearly. We are drawn to activities like writing, reading, teaching, singing…We start asking questions like “What do I know to be true about myself?” and “What do I know to be true about the world?”

Okaaay…One of the exercises in “The Artist’s Way” is to write “morning pages” – three pages of stream-of-thought writing, everyday. It is one of the tools used to help unblock creativity, by pushing the ‘logic brain’ (or Censor) to the side and allow the ‘artist brain’ to come through. (I’ll talk more about this process in another blog post). So, here I am writing everyday at the same time I pull this card.

Three weeks ago, I started working with a psychologist. While I’ve done a great deal of self-reflection and healing on my own, there are still triggers that affect my thoughts and behaviours. The psychologist feels EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) will help me. It will teach my brain how to change my response to negative/traumatic memories. (And again, I’ll blog more about this process as I experience it). It will help me know what is true in my world.

I’m reading more. I’m writing more. I’m discovering my creativity. I’m working with someone to help me discover what is true about myself and my world.

Synchronicity is at work in my life. I don’t know why all these things happened within the same time frame. I have to trust the Universe, or God, or whatever higher power guides us is doing this for a reason. As my truth is revealed to me, I’ll write and share.

All that Space

This must be the fourth or fifth post I’ve tried to write. For so long, I’ve had the urge to write. Now that I have the space, the words don’t come.

What’s going on? The topics we choose for each month are of interest to me. I’ve got tonnes of ideas. I’m excited to talk about them in the podcasts. Get me in front of the screen to starting writing, and my mind goes blank.

Sure, I could say it’s because I started a new job this month and that’s taken up my time. That’s partly true. After three months off, having to get up and be alert for 8 hours a day was a challenge. For the first two weeks, I usually had a nap on the couch after work and was in bed earlier than normal.

I could say it’s because, during and after work, I need to make sure my dad gets his medications and cook his meals. I always have an ear open for him because, with his failing vision, he can get disoriented in the house.

There’s also two dogs who need my care and attention. Left to his own devices, Keo – my 120 pound rottweiler – is only too happy to amuse himself in fun and creative ways (that usually result in some type of clean-up for me!).

For an entire month, we talked about creating space. You’d think I’d have practiced what I preached! In some ways, I did. I’ve created mental and emotional space. I purged my home office and bedroom (with more purging to happen when we can hold a garage sale). I’m feeling comfortable in all the spaces I’ve found.

With all the space created, why is sitting down to write so daunting? Is it because I don’t feel I have anything of value to contribute? Nah. I know what I share won’t resonate with everyone, but it will resonate with some. Is it because I don’t have ideas to share? Gosh no. I have loads of them!

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t quite ready to fill the spaces I’ve created. I was figuring out what was important to me, what I truly value, and being selfish with the space I’ve created.

A couple of books helped me get back to writing. Both are written by Sarah Knight. First, there was “You Do You”, and then, “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck”. The next podcast will be about what we’ve learned from the latter book. Let’s just say, I’ve created spaced, I’ve sorted my f*cks, and I know where they are going to be spent.

You’ll be hearing more from me in the future!

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